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The ELTEX company, based in Szczecin, was established in 1994 from the privatized radio and navigation department of Przedsiębiorstwo Połowów Dalekomorskich “GRYF”. We have appropriate staff with many years of experience in the repair and installation of radiolocation, navigation and teletransmission devices The company provides maintenance and design services in the field of electronics, telecommunications […]

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The 5G auction

The 5G auction in Germany ended a year ago . The network operators secured the necessary frequencies for more than 6.6 billion euros to begin with the 5G expansion. Where does Germany stand today, a year after the auction? The expansion is in full swing. Vodafone has now announced the operation of around 500 5G antennas – in the city and in the country. As […]

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  • Status quo: Today almost 500 5G antennas are live
  • One year after the end of the frequency auction , the 5G network in Germany is growing. Vodafone launched the first 5G network in Germany last yearand recently became the first operator to start expanding across the area. To do this, the digitization group is also using 700 megahertz frequencies for the first time in addition to the 3.5 gigahertz frequencies. Your […]

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  • Review: Milestones in the first year of 5G
  • “The first year of 5G was incredibly exciting. For the innovation fans who were on the move with the first 5G smartphones right from the start, but also for us. Together with our customers, we have gained a lot of experience: Where is 5G really needed at the beginning? What are the 5G applications that are bringing Germany […]

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  • 5G stadium, 5G factory floor & 5G airships
  • This was followed by the first 5G stations in the city and in the country as well as numerous 5G applications that Vodafone brought to life together with industrial partners. Vodafone and e.GO Mobile AG started the first 5G factory building in Aachen . Since then, 36 small 5G antennas have been illuminating an entire factory of the automobile manufacturer […]

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