Status quo: Today almost 500 5G antennas are live

One year after the end of the frequency auction , the 5G network in Germany is growing. Vodafone launched the first 5G network in Germany last yearand recently became the first operator to start expanding across the area. To do this, the digitization group is also using 700 megahertz frequencies for the first time in addition to the 3.5 gigahertz frequencies. Your advantage: You reach eight times further into the country and get into our houses up to five times better. Today Vodafone announces: Around 500 5G antennas are live. “Our technicians are continuing to build. This year we are supplying an area larger than the Netherlands with 5G in this country. We are building the optimal mix of bandwidth and range for Germany, ”says Vodafone CEO Ametsreiter. More than 10 million people in Germany will benefit from this by the end of the year. “With our network, the 5G innovations that our economy needs and those that will improve our everyday lives also grow. Today we only know a small part of the huge 5G playing field. I look forward to further exploring this playing field over the next few years. ”This year, Vodafone will provide more than 10 million people with 5G. To do this, the digitization group activates mobile communications technology on almost 8,000 antennas.