Review: Milestones in the first year of 5G

“The first year of 5G was incredibly exciting. For the innovation fans who were on the move with the first 5G smartphones right from the start, but also for us. Together with our customers, we have gained a lot of experience: Where is 5G really needed at the beginning? What are the 5G applications that are bringing Germany forward, ”says Vodafone technology boss Gerhard Mack. Mack himself and CEO Hannes Ametsreiter gave the go-ahead for 5G a year ago. Immediately after the end of the frequency auction, Vodafone technicians activated the first 5G mobile radio station in Germany. Ametsreiter and Mack made the first 5G video call in Düsseldorf. “A special moment. It made me proud when I saw 5G on my screen for the first time, ”said Mack. Experience shows: 5G is not only used with smartphones in big cities. “In rural areas in particular, 5G in combination with the cellular-based Gigacube router as a replacement for slow DSL lines is very popular,” says Mack.