About Us

The ELTEX company, based in Szczecin, was established in 1994 from the privatized radio and navigation department of Przedsiębiorstwo Połowów Dalekomorskich “GRYF”. We have appropriate staff with many years of experience in the repair and installation of radiolocation, navigation and teletransmission devices

The company provides maintenance and design services in the field of electronics, telecommunications and radio communications, and deals with the distribution and integration of telecommunications systems, wired and wireless communications, GSM cellular and satellite communications on ships and on land.

As a supplier of wireless communication systems, we have many years of experience and cooperation with renowned companies in the telecommunications and electronic industry throughout the country and beyond, which allows us to provide high-quality services and guarantee customer satisfaction. We are an authorized dealer of MOTOROLA POLAND since 1996.

In addition, I would like to mention that the ELTEX company provides comprehensive design and maintenance services in the field of design and organization of communication and communication (wireless local, area, trunking, fixed, PBX, land and satellite exchanges), WLL radio access networks, wireless data transmission, organization of systems such as ” mobile office “.

We also provide installation services for telecommunications networks as an authorized sales and service representative of BENNING Power Electronics, Telzas, Ericsson in the field of comprehensive construction of base stations and network maintenance service.

Our employees have training certificates from companies such as Ericsson, NERA, NEC, LUCENT, HUAWEJ, NOKIA and others in the field of installation and integration of broadcasting and transmission equipment.

We also have experience in the construction and commissioning of paging and trunking radiotelephony communication systems MOTOROLA, SmartNet protocol in the StartSite and SmartNet architecture, MPT1327, and smaller dispatching, remote control and command systems for Tele-TAXI, “Public Safety” networks. We are authorized by ALPHATRON for the sale, assembly and service of ship radars and by ZURAD for repairs, legalization and maintenance of speed measurement systems for the Police, SM and ITD

Our recipients and clients are both large and medium-sized enterprises and private companies, telecommunications operators, suppliers of telecommunications exchanges and systems, as well as public utility institutions, the military, the police and state administration agencies, and thus we have a CERTIFICATE of Access to Service, Restricted and Confidential Secrets.

Hoping that you will also join the ranks of our satisfied customers, link my regards.

Yours sincerely,

Lech Zys