The 5G auction

The 5G auction in Germany ended a year ago . The network operators secured the necessary frequencies for more than 6.6 billion euros to begin with the 5G expansion. Where does Germany stand today, a year after the auction? The expansion is in full swing. Vodafone has now announced the operation of around 500 5G antennas – in the city and in the country. As the first provider, the Düsseldorf-based digitization group recently started the 5G expansion across the board – with new frequencies that reach particularly far into the country and particularly well into the houses. “5G is growing”, says Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter. With the network, the range of 5G innovations also grows : 5G is already being used in projects with Lufthansa Technik, Total, e.GO Mobile AG or DFL. “Today we can only guess where and how much 5G will improve our economy and our everyday lives. The playing field for 5G innovations is huge. We only know a very small part of it. ”A look back at the first year of 5G. An overview of the current status. And an outlook on what is to come.