5G stadium, 5G factory floor & 5G airships

This was followed by the first 5G stations in the city and in the country as well as numerous 5G applications that Vodafone brought to life together with industrial partners. Vodafone and e.GO Mobile AG started the first 5G factory building in Aachen . Since then, 36 small 5G antennas have been illuminating an entire factory of the automobile manufacturer with 5G. Together with Airbus, Vodafone controls twelve-meter airships remotely using 5G . The Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg is the first 5G stadiumin Germany. In September 2019, Vodafone technicians activated the new generation of mobile communications at VfL Wolfsburg’s home game against TSG Hoffenheim. On the same day, Vodafone and the DFL presented a prototype of a real-time app for soccer fans for the first time. The app combines emotions from the stadium with information from the digital world. Spectators in the stands can receive additional information on the current game on their smartphone in real time. For example: How fast is the striker who is currently running towards the opponent’s goal and how likely is it that he will seek the end of the goal in the next moment. Fans should soon be able to use the app in the first stages  provided the corona virus allows it.